PR for tech companies and scientific organisations

The only true poets of our time perform tech&science PR
What we do

Elaboration of PR concept, positioning, key messages, media list, media plan and project timeline. Creating ideas and stories to promote technological business and inventions in the media. Developing news and features. Telling media about your company, products and inventions.


Olga Budnik, founder and managing partner
Anna Lysenko, junior partner
Anna Maglysh, project manager
Dasha Shmeleva, project manager
Our beloved clients got presented in Daily Mail, Washington Post, The Mirror, BBC, The Times, Mashable, Gizmodo, Quartz, The Verge, Popular Mechanics, The Sun and other biggest media. As well as in Russian, Spanish, Portugal, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and other media outlets in different languages across the planet. Join us!
PR for tech companies and scientific organisations